Oppression in Education: A Conversation with #LatinasInED, Carla Rivera-Cruz from EDpiphany


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In Episode 55, Carla Rivera-Cruz is back on the podcast to talk about current events involving the oppressive policies and systems in the classroom and at the school board level. The conversation includes the reference of the video, The Four I's of Oppression and how it connects to her work in Education. Carla is a former classroom teacher and school board member as well as the co-host of #LatinasInED with host Marissa. Carla does not hold back discussing the oppressive Arizona education policies and laws that hold back teachers and most of all, Black and Brown students. Get ready for a passionate conversation!

Connect with Carla for anti-racism, equity, diversity or other professional development at the teacher and/or admin level through her EDpiphany agency. You can also learn about her future "teachers lounge" set to open in January 2022 in the Phoenix Metro-Area by connecting with her on social media.

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