108: Queens of Productivity / Death to Our Sensuality with Natalie MacNeil


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In a society that labels busyness as chic + prizes side hustles + productivity, we have also become familiar with the experience of overwhelm + burnout. This is not the answer to living a life of pleasure + sustaining health. But how do we get out? How can we be high achieving AND sensually connected? In this episode, the badass boss babe Natalie MacNeil talks about the challenges she has faced as a 7 figure entrepreneur to multiple companies + how she’s learned to integrate sensuality as medicine to her soul, her body, + her continuing success.

This is the third episode of a special 4 part series on sensuality.

In this episode you will hear:

  • The effects of “hustle culture” on our bodies, minds, + relationships
  • How sensuality can benefit us as professionals
  • The effects of stigma around our sensuality + sexuality that have caused a segmentation in our other aspects + identities
  • How moving fast + excessive work can be a trauma response or solution to coping with emotion
  • The protective mechanism of “Ain’t got time” + how to overcome it
  • How sensuality as a coach + CEO can benefit the company + clients’ wellbeing
  • Natalie + Dr Cat’s personal struggles with maintaining a sensual life + solutions they discovered
  • The necessity to slow down in order to feel the subtleties of sensation


Natalie MacNeil is the founder of Coaching Evolved, and its ICF-accredited, multi-modality Professional Life Coach Certification program. She's also the bestselling author of five books on business and personal transformation, and an Emmy Award-winning media entrepreneur who has been named a "transformer of our generation" by Levo and listed as one of "27 women leaders changing the world" by Inc. Learn more about the Coaching Evolved, and its ICF-accredited, multi-modality Professional Life Coach Certification at nataliemacneil.com/drcat. You can also attend free weekly transformational classes at Coaching Evolved at https://coachingevolved.co/evolve-live-journeys/


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