109: Awakening to the Sensual Life with Josefina Bashout


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Being a sensual person in the modern age has its challenges. Add to that, the pressures of “sensuality” looking a certain way contributing to performance rather than embodiment. My guest, friend, + powerful embodiment coach, Josefina Bashout, is BACK for another round! Here, we dish about our personal journeys, struggles around sensuality after trauma, + what it’s like dating as sex + sensuality experts. We get real about the issues of spiritual bypass + materialism that can create sensuality as a performance rather than an embodiment. We even share with you about our favorite sensual products + my Sensual Awakening 14 day online initiation.

This is episode 4 of 4 of my series around sensuality. Be sure to check out the other 3!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Our personal journey with sensuality + what sparked our sensual awakening
  • How trauma impacted our embodiment + what indications clued us in
  • How to brand yourself as a leader + permission slip for other women in sensual expression
  • The challenges + rewards that come with being a woman embodied
  • Unique challenges for BIPOC women + sensuality
  • The traps of spiritual bypass + spiritual materialism creating sensuality as a performance rather than an embodiment
  • The importance of Boundaries + discernment
  • Dating as a sensual + sexual expert
  • Favorite sensual practices + products
  • Inside scoop on Dr Cat’s Sensual Awakening Online initiation course


Josefina Bashout aka “The Pussy Priestess.” Josefina is a Tantric Love and Sex Educator, Feminine Empowerment Expert & Certified Advanced Spiritual Psychologist. She is focused on dismantling the old stories of past pain and suffering as she guides her clients into moving beyond their limitations into a new place of empowering potential where sexuality + spirituality meet. Josefina has a holistic approach to empowerment through the doorways of sexuality that is process & pleasure focused. She has a sensual, soulful, and spiritual attitude to life making her equally popular with ALL GENDER audiences as she helps them create a more blissful, intimate, and orgasmic relationship with life.

You can stay connected with her on instagram @pusssypriestess and discover more about her teachings well as upcoming course through her website www.josefinabashout.com


Sensual Awakening 14 day Initiation


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