111: Sex + Depression with Nicoletta Heidegger


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You may have heard about how sex + orgasms affect mental health, but what about when mental health affects sex? Depression affects so many people not only in the US, but globally. Especially since the start of the pandemic, we’ve seen the sexual health of individuals + couples alike struggling because of it. Sex therapist Nicoletta Heidegger is here to talk to us about the complications of depression + sexual desire, what medications could be doing to contribute, + how you can empower your own sexual + sensual pleasure to help.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How does depression affect desire for sex in different people?
  • What are symptoms of depression + how do they can manifest in life?
  • Tips to support yourself or your partner in sex while experiencing symptoms of depression
  • What medications for depression impact the libido + which ones do not
  • Post Coital Dysphoria --the experience of sadness, anxiety, anger, depression after sex + what to do about it
  • Treatments for depression + sex + what working with a sex therapist on these challenges looks like
  • Struggles around sexual initiation + tips for having an effective conversation to support
  • How sensual practices can be powerful strategies for improving your sex life.



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Nicoletta von Heidegger is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Sexologist (#110256) practicing in Los Angeles. Nicoletta received her BA in Psychology from Stanford University, her MA in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University, and her MEd in Human Sexuality from Widener University. Nicoletta is currently pursuing her PhD in Human Sexuality from Widener. In addition to seeing clients in private practice, Nicoletta also works as an EAGALA-certified equine assisted psychotherapist at Stand in Balance. Nicoletta believes in embodied practice and is certified in levels I and II of The Trauma Resiliency Model. When not working with clients, Nicoletta creates and hosts the growing hit podcast Sluts & Scholars and teaches educational seminars and classes to help others learn about sexual and mental health. In her self-care time, Nicoletta enjoys nature, biking, horse riding, her pit mix dog Stevie, and playing the drums in her band. You can find out more about Nicolettat at nicolettavheidegger.com


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