Diet Culture: Healing Through Storytelling. We gave a TEDxTalk and it's time to process


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Catherine and Francis were thrilled to be a part of TEDxYouth@RVA's production in Richmond, Virginia. The theme this year was "You, Me, Us, We." Every speaker's story provided a platform to connect, and the co-hosts were honored to be a part of a meaningful evening. In this special digest, Catherine and Francis share what it was like to prepare and do a TEDxTalk, and process their thoughts and feelings afterwards. It's hard telling one's own story, especially when literally the entire world has access to it. So while the experience was certainly exhilarating and rewarding, the co-hosts get vulnerable talking about how their own cognitive distortions about body image played a mental role in the days leading up to and after giving the talk. It's an important reminder that even in recovery, parts of the eating disorder may rear its head from time to time, challenging you to lean on your supports and maintain recovery.
To view the talk -- entitled Diet Culture: Healing Through Storytelling -- please visit our website at or watch on YouTube here:
CW: eating disorders, eating disorder symptoms, body image dissatisfaction, self-doubt

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