Wander: The Sacred Ache


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Episode 2: The Sacred Ache
As the fall weather comes (at last!) to greet us, we invite you to take a walk, whether in your neighborhood or in nature, and cultivate attentiveness to God’s presence. All you need is a pair of headphones and comfortable footwear. Voices will guide you through scripture, music, and reflection as you take part in this spiritual practice. New episodes will be released every other week throughout our Lost Enchantment teaching series.

Written and produced by:
Mike Yager

Readings by:
Mike Yager
Hannah Rodriguez

Editing and Sound Mixing by:
Wes Cortiaus

“From The Rising Of The Sun (Psalm 113)”
Music and lyrics: Sandra McCracken
Performed by: Matt Broaddus

“I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”
Music and lyrics: U2
Performed by: Paul Pelc

Additional Music:

“The Myth of Balance” by Kurtis Parks
“Waiting” by Acreage
“The Part Where Things Start To Change” by Stephen Keech

Graphic Design:
Dani Hooper

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