Break Free From The Plastic Death Cycle - Ep. 96


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Have you heard of the Death Cycle of Plastic (vs the life cycle)? Our guests talk solutions and actions from current Congressional legislation and to a new report shining a light on the environmental justice impacts. What about Zero Waste; should it be reclaimed and restructured? And how do we decipher real solutions from false (that just promote more waste and social impacts)? Plastic seems to be everywhere and in everything (including our bodies). Plastic also comes from somewhere and it carries with it a sordid history of environmental racism and climate disruption, starting with the extraction and refinement of fossil fuels, then moving to the manufacturing, transportation, consumer use, and final disposal of plastic. Our guests today explain why this should no longer be considered the “life cycle of plastic,” but instead a more accurate reflection in the Plastic Death Cycle. Marcela Gutiérrez-Graudiņš, Founder & Executive Director of Azul [] and Melissa Aguayo, Member Engagement Officer for Break Free From Plastic US [] and Co Chair of Reusable LA [] For more on the plastic pollution conundrum, check out our seven-part series, "The Plastic Plague: Connecting the Dots Between Extraction, Inequity, and Pollution" - RESOURCES AND ARTICLES Podcast Website: Podcast Blog: Support the Podcast: Host and Producer: Jessica Aldridge Engineer: Blake Lampkin Executive Producer: Jack Eidt Show Created by Mark and JP Morris Music: Javier Kadry Episode 96 Image: Jack Eidt

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