Becoming a Mindful eCommerce Entrepreneur with Nikki Mocerino, Co-founder and CEO of The Ohm Store


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Nikki Mocerino is the Co-founder and CEO of The Ohm Store, a company that sells mindfulness tools such as singing bowls, journals, and Matcha green tea. In 2015, Nikki and her brother Frank co-founded The Ohm Store by partnering with an artisan in Kathmandu, Nepal, to bring ancient mindfulness modalities to the modern world. Today, their purpose is to share mindfulness rituals from different parts of the globe to help people cut through the clutter and enjoy the present moment.

In this episode…

You’re in the ecommerce space to generate revenue and make a profit. However, if profit becomes your only mission, you may be left with stress and anxiety rather than success. According to Nikki Mocerino, the Co-founder and CEO of The Ohm Store, there’s a better way to run your company and grow your business.

Nikki found success as an ecommerce entrepreneur by staying present and prioritizing her larger mission: serving others. She realized that there was no milestone that could solve all of her challenges, so instead she let her mission dictate how she ran her business. By staying focused on what was most important to her, Nikki was able to effectively build her team, measure her success, and grow a profitable ecommerce company.

On this episode of the eCommerce Profits Podcast, Joshua Chin interviews The Ohm Store Co-founder and CEO, Nikki Mocerino, about how she became a mindful and successful ecommerce entrepreneur. Tune in as Nikki talks about the biggest obstacles she overcame while growing her business, the lessons she learned from the pandemic, how she stays present while running a company, and more.

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