Building a Successful eCommerce Brand with Jason Wong, Managing Partner of Wonghaus Ventures


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Jason Wong is the Managing Partner at Wonghaus Ventures, a fast-growing venture studio passionate about identifying trends and building brands around them. The Wonghaus Ventures portfolio includes brands like Doe Lashes, Wonghaus Media, Shomi Noods Ramen Restaurant, and more.

Before starting Wonghaus Ventures, Jason was the Co-founder of Fifthtee and the Head of Marketing for the social app, Vent. He is also an ecommerce consultant for major influencers and brands and has executed campaigns for clients including Adidas and Aldi. Outside of the office, Jason volunteers for the Canadian Cancer Society, The Peer Project, St. Baldrick’s Foundation, and other organizations.

In this episode…

Are you just starting out in ecommerce, but don’t know the next steps to take? Are wondering how to successfully build, market, and grow a brand? As a 23-year-old entrepreneur taking the ecommerce world by storm, Jason Wong has the strategies and tactics you need to get your business off the ground.

Jason Wong first dipped his toes into ecommerce entrepreneurship when he was just 14. Now, he owns over nine successful brands under his parent studio, Wonghaus Ventures. Jason’s fast growth and success can be accredited to his knowledge about building a brand, marketing his products, and creating a great customer experience — and he’s here to share his secrets with you.

On this episode of the eCommerce Profits Podcast, Joshua Chin chats with Jason Wong, an ecommerce expert and the Managing Partner of Wonghaus Ventures. Together, they discuss the pros and cons of dropshipping, the importance of providing a great customer experience, and the most successful ways to build an ecommerce brand. Stay tuned!

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