Building Your Career from the Ground Up with Stormy Simon


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Stormy Simon is a strategist, executive coach, and the former President of Stormy joined Overstock in 2001 as a temp worker. Over the next 15 years, she helped the company grow into a top 25 E-tailer in America with nearly $2 billion in revenue and 160 employees.

In 2016, Stormy Simon stepped down from the Presidency at Overstock and entered the budding world of cannabis. She became a medical advocate throughout that journey, spent two years as Strategic Officer for a blockchain payment point-of-sale system, and served on the Advisory Board of CannaKids. In 2017, Stormy joined the board of High Times, one of the leading global brands in cannabis culture.

In this episode…

It’s tempting to think that successful people have a straightforward path following steps A, B, and C, to get where they are today. The reality is, the path of success is usually windy with unpredictable turns, drop-offs, and no roadmap. Strategist, storyteller, and executive coach Stormy Simon would agree.

As a divorced mother of two at the age of 21 with no college degree, the outlook on life wasn’t bright for Stormy Simon. But that didn’t stop her from turning a temp job into an executive position at a multi-million dollar company. What’s her superpower? Raising her hand — never being afraid to try even if it meant she might fail.

On this episode of the eCommerce Profits Podcast, Joshua Chin joins Stormy Simon to discuss her path as an entrepreneur. Stormy reveals how she became the President of without a business degree, why she left the company for the cannabis world, and her advice for the rising generation of business leaders.

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