Changing Lives Through Sleep with Mark Zhang, CEO of Manta Sleep


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Mark Zhang is the Founder and CEO of Manta Sleep, a multimillion-dollar direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand in the sleep niche. Manta Sleep is on a mission to give light sleepers control and mastery over their sleep, so they can maximize the enjoyment of life and unlock their full potential. Before this, Mark was the Co-founder of Vansburg, an e-commerce company based in the US and Taiwan. He has experience with affiliate marketing, Amazon entrepreneurship, and more.

In this episode…

How many hours a night should an entrepreneur sleep? Is it better to snooze for four hours, like Elon Musk, or a full eight, like Jeff Bezos? While the CEO of Manta Sleep, Mark Zhang, doesn’t have an exact answer, he does believe in prioritizing rest for himself, his team, and his customers.

As Mark says, sleep makes a huge difference in a person’s energy levels, productivity, and decision-making ability. While many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of “hustle culture,” a lack of sleep is most likely hurting their performance and results. That’s why Mark is on a mission to provide his customers with greater success, happiness, and health—through sleep.

Listen to this episode of the eCommerce Profits Podcast with Joshua Chin as he interviews Mark Zhang, the CEO of Manta Sleep, about how ample rest can change your life. Mark talks about the pro-nap mission behind his company, the lessons he’s learned from his entrepreneurial journey so far, and his favorite brands in the sleep industry. Stay tuned for all this and more!

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