Creating Successful Digital Content with Cody Iverson and Brandon Monaghan of VisCap Media


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Cody Iverson is the Co-founder and CEO of VisCap Media, a creative agency that delivers digital content that turns clicks into customers. Cody has successfully built and scaled multiple seven-figure ecommerce brands. With years of experience in the direct-to-consumer space, he specializes in digital marketing, direct response copywriting, leadership, and more.

Brandon Monaghan is also the Co-founder of VisCap Media. He runs several seven- and eight-figure brands, including Miracle Brand and Shine Armor. In addition to this, Brandon is the Co-founder of The Cartels Mastermind and a Founding Member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization in Charleston, South Carolina.

In this episode…

What strategies can you use to upgrade your advertising for your direct-to-consumer brand? How are TikTok and Instagram revolutionizing digital advertising? And, which brands are taking their ad campaigns to the next level? Cody Iverson and Brandon Monaghan are here to share their expertise with you.

With extensive backgrounds in the ecommerce and DTC spaces, Cody and Brandon have both built and scaled multiple seven- and eight-figure brands in a matter of years. Together, they are experts at crafting creative and innovative content that drives profit on multiple channels. So, what is their advice for optimizing your digital advertising in 2021 and beyond?

On this episode of the eCommerce Profits Podcast, Joshua Chin sits down with Cody Iverson and Brandon Monaghan, the Co-founders of VisCap Media, to discuss their top digital advertising strategies. Together, they explain how to optimize your content for TikTok and Instagram, the common mistakes to avoid with digital advertising, and their tips for building a successful brand today. Stay tuned!

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