How To Control Coupon Extensions Safely and Protect Your Margins With Kathleen Booth, Chief Marketing Officer at


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Kathleen Booth is the Chief Marketing Officer at, a digital engagement security platform that helps businesses protect their user experiences, revenues, and brands. Top Rank names her as one of the 50 top B2B marketing influencers of 2019. She's the host of a long-running The Inbound Success Podcast. Before being with, Kathleen was also an agency owner and operator for 11 years.

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Many eCommerce brands assume that coupon extensions are great for their sales. Yes, in some respects, they are when you consider the 5% bump in the beginning. But where it gets dicey is when retailers then partner with coupon extensions and pay them for the sales they think the extensions are generating.

However, new data shows that coupon extensions don't affect purchase behavior at checkout in many cases. How so? And how can you control coupon extension use on your eCommerce site without impacting the user experience and still retain high conversion rates?

On this episode of the eCommerce Profits Podcast, Joshua Chin talks with the Chief Marketing Officer at, Kathleen Booth. They discuss how is taking digital engagement security to the next level, giving granular site control to eCommerce brands and protecting their business from the threats posed by coupon extensions. You don't want to miss a second of this short but packed interview.

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