Quitting Corporate To Fulfill Your Entrepreneurial Dreams With Andrew Erickson


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Andrew Erickson is the Founder and CEO of Andrew Knows Amazon. His company designs household products, mass produces them overseas, imports them, and sells them online. He sells in over 20 countries and makes seven figures in sales each year.

Andrew is the host of the popular and successful Zon Con Podcast: An Amazon Conversations Podcast for FBA sellers. He chats with guests about tips and tricks for becoming a world-class Amazon millionaire. They discuss the process of finding products, building the entrepreneurial mindset, and how to source, launch, and grow a successful brand on and off of Amazon.

Andrew Erickson went to school for engineering and previously held a comfortable job at a Fortune 100 company. While he enjoyed the nice salary and the 401(k), the entrepreneurial bug bit him, and he left to work on a few independent projects before settling into the Amazon private label model.

In this episode…

Some people love the safety net of a predictable but boring corporate job. Others crave the rollercoaster of the entrepreneurial journey — the highs, the lows, and everything in between. That’s how Andrew Erickson felt. While he had a comfortable job as an engineer, he wanted to be more than a tiny cog in a big machine. Andrew decided to move into the Amazon selling space and hasn’t looked back. Even though he couldn’t pay himself the first three years, he was eventually able to take a year to travel the world with his wife and now generates a seven-figure revenue.

On this episode of the eCommerce Profits Podcast, Joshua Chin joins Amazon seller Andrew Erickson to discuss how he became an Amazon millionaire — and how you can do it too. Andrew talks about the mistakes sellers make when bringing their brand onto Amazon, how to use programs like Helium 10 and Betsy to promote your product, and why Etsy is also an excellent option for sellers.

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