Turning Customer Service into a Profit Center with GQ Fu of LTVplus


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GQ Fu is the Co-founder and CEO of LTVplus, a company that provides world-class customer service outsourcing for ecommerce brands. At LTVplus, GQ helps increase a brand’s customer lifetime value by providing omnichannel customer support outsourcing and failed payment recovery services in any time zone and any language. GQ has extensive experience running and managing remote teams, and he is also the Co-founder of TaskDrive. Before starting his career in customer success, GQ was in the music industry for over ten years.

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Every stage of your customer’s journey is an opportunity to create a brand evangelist. But, many ecommerce brands are missing out on this critical opportunity due to poor customer service. From engagement to recovery, a great customer success team will help you provide a frictionless experience that will boost your sales and improve the reputation of your brand.

However, building a customer success team is a complicated and expensive process for many fast-growing ecommerce brands. With an unpredictable flow of traffic, it can be difficult to determine how many customer service experts to hire at any given time. So, how can you overcome this challenge and start turning your customer service into a profit-making machine?

Listen to this episode of the eCommerce Profits Podcast as host Joshua Chin chats with GQ Fu, the Co-founder and CEO of LTVplus, about turning customer service into a profit center. Together, they discuss how ecommerce brands are losing money at different touchpoints of the buyer's journey, GQ’s strategies for recovering those sales, and the importance of a customer success team for reducing friction in the buying experience. Stay tuned.

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