The Complexity of the ED (or A+E)


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This episode has taken a little while to get sorted but I promise it is worth it... Here I am chatting again to Pete Chessum from Adprac- our fab sponsors who provide advanced practice staffing solutions to urgent, emergency and acute care settings across the UK.

Pete and I recorded a podcast a few months ago about the crux of rapid assessment or whatever name you may call it, the role of bringing a senior decision makers closer to the 'front door'. During this podcast Pete correctly identified those departments that place all their eggs in one basket or all of their focus on one aspect to 'sort the problems out' are potentially setting themselves up to fail. He then mentioned the complexity of ED and I thought we should probably record another podcast.

In this podcast we look some of the suggestions on how to improve our departments by not simply focusing on 'input, throughput and output'. We need to look inwards and try to fix what we can within our teams. We talk about safety 2 culture and habituation (this part is so useful for me as sometimes I stop and think how habituated I have become).

There are a few links that should keep you busy if you are interested in this and in improving how we do Emergency Medicine in this current climate.


P.S I have told Pete that it is now called the ED and not A+E but he is having none of it!!

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