427 | Matching User Intent on Google Search with Mark Traphagen


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In this episode, we continue our conversation with Mark Traphagan about metrics that should be more important than rank. We also touch on whether Google even wants to give us clicks anymore, and how we might be wasting time even talking about them as much as we do in SEO. [00:04:44] What are some other metrics that should be more important than just rank? [00:11:25] It’s not about rank, at some point it’s a brand marketing position. [00:14:03] Does Google even want to give you a click? [00:15:02] We can waste a lot of time complaining about changes from Google...Google’s taking with one hand, giving with another. [00:21:40] Over 1200 SERP features on Google [00:25:50] Google’s goal

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