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Deborah Chalk is a Certified Wayfinder Life Coach and Endorsed Mind Body Magic Coach. She helps parents be the kind of parent they want to be without running on empty. Her work helps clients feel more calm, creative and confident so they can be the most fulfilled version of themselves.

Join me in Episode 52 as I sit down as we talk about her journey to becoming a coach back in 2013 and using her instincts to follow something deep within her. She dives into her work as a coach for parents and the use of Mind, Body and Magic a method derived from the work of Abigail Morgan.

Learn how you can use some simple techniques to start your journey into following your intuition as she provides examples of how the method is used in her work with her clients. A great podcast to tune into, most especially for parents who are busy and just need some a few moments to re-center.

To connect with Deborah find her on Facebook at Deborah Chalk or you can email her at

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