Zenju Earthlyn Manuel: Silence, Ritual, and the Earth (Part One)


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Zenju was raised in the Church of Christ where she was an avid reader of the Bible and adored the true teachings on Christ’s path well into adulthood. She also participated in ceremony with Ifá diviners from Dahomey, Africa and studied Yoruba. She holds a Ph.D. and formally worked for decades as a social science researcher, development director for non-profit organizations and those serving women and girls, cultural arts, and mental health.
She is the dharma heir of Buddha and the late Zenkei Blanche Hartman in the Shunryu Suzuki Roshi lineage through the San Francisco Zen Center (SFZC). She was Shuso (head Student) with Kiku Christina Lehnherr and her Dharma Transmission was completed by Shosan Victoria Austin. Zenju’s practice is influenced by Native American and African indigenous traditions.
Finally, she is a lover of art, music, indie film, literature, and dance.
Learn more about Zenju by visiting her website, www.zenju.org.
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Episode 121: Silence, Ritual, and the Earth: A Conversation with Zenju Earthlyn Manuel (Part One)
Hosted by:
Kevin Johnson
With: Carl McColman, Cassidy Hall
Guest: Zenju Earthlyn Manuel
Date Recorded:
November 10, 2020

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