Barbara Brown Taylor: Silence, Vulnerability, and Love (Part Two)


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This week's episode features the conclusion of our conversation with bestselling author and Episcopal priest Barbara Brown Taylor. Click here to listen to part one.
Renowned for her preaching as well as her writing, Barbara Brown Taylor is the author of a widely acclaimed memoir, Leaving Church; subsequent books like An Altar in the World, Learning to Walk in the Dark, and Holy Envy have all earned places on the New York Times Bestseller list. In 1997 she delivered a series of lectures on the art of preaching at Yale Divinity School, later published under the title When God is Silent. Her most recent book, Always a Guest, was published in October 2020 by Westminster John Knox Press.
I've found that the minute I turn the radio off, my whole body relaxes. — Barbara Brown Taylor
Barbara Brown Taylor has served on the faculties of Piedmont College, Emory University, Mercer University, Columbia Seminary, Oblate School of Theology, and the Certificate in Theological Studies program at Arrendale State Prison for Women in Alto, Georgia. She has won numerous awards, including twice being named the Georgia Author of the Year in the category of inspirational writing. She lives on a farm in north Georgia with her husband.
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Episode 131: Silence, Vulnerability and Love: A Conversation with Barbara Brown Taylor (Part Two)
Hosted by: Carl McColman
With: Cassidy Hall, Kevin Johnson
Date Recorded: March 1, 2021

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