27-Should a Christian Husband Say to His Wife, "You Must Submit to Me Because I'm Your Husband?"


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On today's episode, we cover this question from a listener: From a biblical perspective men are supposed to submit to God as their leader and women are supposed to submit to their husbands (unless he contradicts God's word) as their leader and children to their parents. Question: What are some of the best ways you've found that show your wife that you care, listen, and value her opinions, thoughts, and ideas while at times may reject or "veto" those contributions because you disagree with them. There may be many reasons why you would reject those (opinions, thoughts, ideas) but is there ever a reason to state "because I'm the man or husband" or should every disagreement be thoroughly explained and understood? It's tempting to say to a child, "because I said so" or "because I'm the parent" (even though those aren't the best reasons) but could you use the same rhetoric with an adult woman? If you do disagree how to you still honor and cherish her and maintain your leadership?

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