This Is a Story About Control: Life's Autopilot Mode


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To live on autopilot is to live unconsciously through parts of our life. The human ability to switch to autopilot mode is a self-preservation, survival mechanism. We are all born with it. It enables us to filter and prioritize what bombards us as we go through our day so that we can cope, focus, and make decisions. In this podcast, we talk to Dr. John Tsilimparis, a Los Angeles-based Psychotherapist and Huffington Post contributor, to understand what it means to live on autopilot—how we do it, why we do it, and how it affects the decisions we make. He shows us how to be more mindful in order to recognize if our autopilot is on or off. He also gives us tools and tips we can use to help us be in better control of it and to live a more balanced life.

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