GVWR, Curb Weight, Payload, C10, K2500, What does it all mean!? + Engine Swap Listener Question!


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In today's podcast, Jeremy & Matt discuss the meanings of all of the weight ratings on that door sticker of your vehicle. Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings (GVRW), Payload, Curb Weight, etc.

They also discuss what a disaster GM squarebody truck names became in the late 1980's. C10, C1500, K25, R20, V30, Half ton, 1 ton. What is all this stuff?! Why did general motors do this to us?

They wrap up with a listener question that questions that best way to improve your MPGs. Is it better to swap your engine? Transmission? Or add some kind of forced induction like a turbo or supercharger?

Listen to this fantastic Engine Noise Podcast episode to learn more!

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