Episode 182, Honoring The Lenape


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In honor of Indigenous People Day, I share a synchronistic story that unfolded for me this past week. From the invitation of a wonderful shaman, Reda Rackley, I looked up the Native People of the land where I live. How wonderful to know the name Lenni Lenape, the peace-keeping “ancient ones”, the diplomats and mediators, who lived throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and southern New York. I highly recommend photographer, Lisa Levart’s stunning exhibit at Bergen Community College, called “Women of the Ramapough Lenape Nation”. I am deeply moved by what Lisa created: a visual, visceral, soulful way to be in the presence of these inspiring Lenape people. Lisa’s portraits and her husband Myles Aronowitz’s video footage capturing Lisa in her creative process with the Lenape women is exquisite! I am so grateful to bring consciousness to the Lenape, the name of the people who lived, worked, played and partnered with this land before me. I invite you to discover and connect with the Native People of the area where you live. Know them by name as we honor all the sacrifices, wisdom, and gifts our indigenous people have to offer us. Check out the show notes for links to learn more about the Lenape, see the details of Lisa’s stunning exhibit at Bergen Community College, which will be there through November 24th. Enjoy the podcast! Links: Iconic Portraits by Lisa Levart The Bowery Boys, NYC History Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribal Nation Lenape Tribe Facts Lisa's Photography Exhibit at BCC Myles' Documentary

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