Episode 173, Known By Name


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In this week’s episode, I explore the importance of knowing something by name. I acknowledge my own experience that knowing an object, plant, tree, bird or person by name, not only demonstrates respect and value, but deepens the connection. Like Juliet, I ask: “What is in a name?” The answer is PLENTY!! I reflect on how much knowing something or someone by name truly matters. I highlight the lines: “We name it to tame it!” “We name it to claim it to our heart!” and “Say Her Name”. May we write one another in the palm of our hands, honor and hold each other close. May we cherish the names of all those in our lives, both living and dead. May we take the time to learn the names of flora, fauna, and all sentient beings. May we demonstrate our curiosity, wonder and reverence for all beings as we deepen our connections. Enjoy the podcast! Links: IG: @shaneknightgallery Shane Knight Gallery

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