Episode 178 Small Miracles


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Many listeners commented on how grateful they were for last week’s focus of serendipities and synchronicities. Perhaps there is a collective shifting, expanding consciousness, a relief that we can talk openly and boldly about the mystical, the spiritual, magical ways we are personally touched by serendipity and synchronicity. In this week’s episode, I share 2 more serendipitous exchanges that highlight the magic of nature, the timing of chance encounters, the gratitude, and the forces bigger than me. So much serendipity and synchronicity weaving in and through our lives, holding us up and gifting us with these gems. Souls touching souls, souls supporting souls, souls inspiring souls…these small miracles are the sweetness of life. As Albert Einstein said: “A coincidence is a small miracle when God chooses to remain anonymous.” I’m convinced these small miracles are happening all the time. May you pause, pay attention, and delight in the coincidences, serendipities, synchronicities and small miracles sparkling through your life. May you smile and embrace all the mystical ways the universe is conspiring to support you. Enjoy the podcast!

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