Episode 180 Lauren Mahana, Birth Doula, Intuitive Healer


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My guest today is Lauren Mahana. Lauren is a Birth Doula, Intuitive Healer, and Author. Lauren’s rich energetic healing practice, incorporates coaching, pregnancy mentorship, tarot and oracle cards, crystals, and channeling guidance. As a birth worker, she is passionate about supporting the pregnancy journey as well as facilitating a sacred space during birth. Alexandria Moran and Lauren co-authored, the book “Labor Like a Goddess: A Fearless Guide to Preparing for the 7 Gates of Transformation in Pregnancy and Birth”. In addition, Lauren recently launched her own Podcast, called “Magic on the Patio”, a conversational interview show that celebrates the magical and mystical that lives betwixt and between the mundane world. Check out the Show Notes for links to Lauren’s website, where you can explore all the magical, healing services she offers. Enjoy the podcast! Links: Lauren's Web Site Podcast: “Magic on the Patio” Book: “Labor Like a Goddess” Lauren's Instagram Shawna's Instagram

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