Episode 187 Liz Moyer Benferhat, Change-Maker, Facilitator and Coach


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My guest today is Liz Moyer Benferhat. Liz is a Change-Maker, Facilitator, and Coach who has taken her experience in social impact/sustainable development and international development to a new level. As the founder of We Heal For All, Liz facilitates Circles, Circle Training, and One-on-One Coaching, acknowledging that we are in a great transition, politically, culturally and environmentally. We Heal For All programs focus on co-creating what it means to collectively heal in the 21st century. We live in complex times and Liz explores healing as both a tool to thrive and an opportunity to impact deeper culture and consciousness shifts. Through meditation, storytelling and resonance practice, Liz addresses the interconnectedness of climate justice, social justice, sustainability, and mental health. Liz’s holistic approach, understanding of how our internal world reflects our external world, respect for the ancestors, and her courage to shake up whole paradigm systems definitely excites me. Liz is manifesting visions and concepts my soul has longed to see come to fruition. Thank you Liz, for bringing my dreams into reality. Check out the Show Notes for links to Liz’s website, We Heal For All, to see which of her programs speak to you. Enjoy the podcast! Links: We Heal For All Instagram YouTube

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