Episode 191 Alison Heller, author


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My guest today is Alison Heller. Alison is a lawyer who left her law practice to become a writer. Alison has published 3 books, and her most recent novel “The Neighbor’s Secret” just came out this year. We discuss her book, her writing practice, what it took for her to leave her 14-year NYC law career, and how we treat ourselves in the process of writing, working and living. I am just as fascinated with the relevant themes she weaves into her novel, as I am with Alison as a person. Alison’s gracious, honest, open, curious exuberance will inspire you to read her books, too. Check out the Show Notes for links to Alison’s website, Instagram & Twitter, along with links to the comedian Gary Gulman, and Jon Kabat-Zinn, the author we reference. Enjoy the podcast! Links: Alison's Web Site Alison/IG Alison/Twitter Gary Gulman/IG “Wherever You Go, There You Are” by Jon Kabat-Zinn Video clip of State Abbreviations - Gary Gulman The Great Depresh - HBO Madeleine L’Engle

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