Episode 193 Reflections of 2021


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Last week, for the first episode of 2022, I shared my personal experience with Covid. On this week’s episode, I reflect on this past year, thanking my guests from 2021 and acknowledging that 2022 marks the beginning of our 5th year of the podcast. In the year 2021, we had a total of 19 guests, plus 2 tributes to dear friends, previous guests who died this year: re-releasing my conversations with Peter Fish and Tony Falco. We recorded 12 of our 19 guests via Zoom, with only 7 being able to be here in person. This past year, I shared 24 stories or guided meditations. I told personal stories, reflected on “whiteness”, communed with angels, and deepened my reverence for mystics and mystery. I became more curious to actively learn more about the Native people of where I live - the Lenni Lenape people. I dropped into more intimacy with nature and welcomed the everyday miracles that surround us. I hope that my guests and stories this past year have helped to uplift and inspire you along your journey. Thank you, 2021 for another year of inspiring guests, personal reflections, stories and meditations. May we all practice restoring humanity, dignity, compassion, and justice. May you be safe and healthy, and join me in searching for the mysterious, wondrous ways the Universe is conspiring to support us in 2022. Enjoy the podcast.

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