Episode 194 Ripple Effect


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On this week’s episode I explore some of the ripple effects of Covid-19. Seems like everyone has been directly or indirectly impacted by the recent Covid surge! The virus has spread exponentially. And whether you’ve had the virus or someone in your close circle has had it, most of us have been up close and personal with Covid. With our personal Covid stories, the ripple effect of Covid continues. I humbly acknowledge the devastating loss and grief that Covid has created for hundreds of thousands of people. Covid, like life, entails both devastation, heartache and loss alongside gratitude, heart connection and blessings. And as I sit with the ripple effects I have experienced with Covid, my soul is nourished by the tender gifts, the heart openings, the ah-ha moments of what came into focus for me. My big epiphany is that the most important ripple effect of Covid has been LOVE. LOVE for ourselves, LOVE for one another, LOVE for those hurting, struggling, suffering, forgiving, grieving, helping, supporting. LOVE heals us, binds us and transforms us. Whatever your personal Covid story is, may you let the ripple effect of LOVE course its way around you, through you and from you. May the ripple effect of Covid-19 and this global pandemic be a reminder for all of us to LOVE a little more genuinely, graciously and richly. Enjoy the podcast! Links: Along Came Abby

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