3 Cops Talk with Shaun Ferguson


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Shaun is a graduate of The Citadel and former United States Army Officer, serving in Germany & Operation Desert Storm. Police Officer since 2000, assigned to Patrol, Tactical, Narcotics & Training Units. SWAT Officer since 2003. Duties involved community education, fugitive apprehension, directed enforcement & inter-departmental interdiction operations. He served as a narcotics & vice detective, conducting investigations, in-depth reports, search warrants, subpoenas & testimony for various State's Attorney’s Offices. He received numerous awards for individual & team performance. He’s been awarded the Medal of Valor. Currently serves in Public Safety management.

MISSION of the Show Three active-duty police officers in the Chicago suburbs, facing the tough subjects, including police brutality, racial tension, rioting, and more. This is a show about opening a dialogue, accepting that something has to be done and bringing communities together again.

Top 3 Value Bombs:

1. You can help create an environment where people can go out and make millions becoming entrepreneurs. Be the gatekeeper for people to move beyond and do better.

2. If you’re miserable, life’s too short to be here. You don’t need approval from people just because you’ve decided to leave something that made you hate life.

3. Listen to the message. Words are words, but you have to dig to see what it is. If it sounds different than what you're used to, it doesn’t mean that you’re wrong.

Rebuilding Community Trust. Visit Shaun’s website to learn more about their podcast - 3 Cops Talk


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