The Comeback - My Journey Through Heaven and Hell with Dave Scatchard


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Dave Scatchard is a former 14 year NHL Pro, international speaker, author of The Comeback - My Journey Through Heaven and Hell. He is regarded as one of the top peak performance life and business coaches in the industry.

Top 3 Value Bombs:

1. If you can’t bring your mindset and your energy to it, you’re going to default back to old patterns. Do something big with the energy and shift the old way of thinking, being, and focusing, and build a new one based off of your champion moment.

2. When somebody is in a state of overwhelm, they can’t see the way out. It’s almost like it doesn’t exist because their energy is so diffused, spread across too many areas.

3. To gain confidence, do things and make it your mission. Know what you can do every single day that will bring you an edge and a better chance to win.

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