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Lori Harder is the founder and CEO of Lite Pink, a new lite rosé flavored wine seltzer that helps women connect, collaborate, and celebrate better. She is a best-selling author and hosts the Forbes Top 11 business podcast with 30 million downloads.

Top 3 Value Bombs:

1. Sometimes, your next step is not a step. It’s a leap. You could look at the really big one and start thinking how you can take that leap first.

2. As an entrepreneur, know what feels as the most nurturing thing that you can do for yourself. Sometimes, it’s supporting your mental headspace, or finding a support group or mastermind that really feels nurturing for something that really wants to get out to the world.

3. If you made a decision outside of your beliefs or the job that you’re in, then we have this fear that we’re not going to survive because we’re going to be cut off from the only life and people that we know, or the only way of living that we know.

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