Why Wine Investment is a Smart Move with Daniel Walker


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Daniel Walker is the head of the Investment arm of OenoGroup, recently named as the best fine wine investment firm in Europe. Daniel's career started in trading companies but he soon realised that the world of stocks and shares didn’t fully align with his core values.

Top 3 Value Bombs:

1. We Are All In The Gutter But Some Of Us Are Looking At The Stars – Oscar Wilde.

2. Enjoy the ride, enjoy the experience, and most especially, you do not stop until you hit that light.

3. What’s more important to making money is always looking after the money you worked hard for. It’s the key of having a great future.

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To get in contact with Oeno Group, please email them at: info@oenogroup.com To learn more about wine investment, please contact info@oenofuture.com


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