Improving DE&I in Manufacturing through Partnership & Education with Women in Manufacturing (WiM) President, Allison Grealis


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In this episode, Envision RISE’s Staci Hegarty speaks with Allison Grealis, President, Women in Manufacturing Association (WiM) about WiM’s founding and its 10+ year mission of supporting, promoting, and inspiring women in manufacturing careers, as well as the companies that employ them. Staci and Allison discuss:

  • The slow nature of culture change and the importance of having allies in your DE&I journey to share resources and best practices for benchmarking
  • Recognizing that DE&I is a choice that companies make and how WiM supports inclusive corporate environments
  • Advice for companies who recognize DE&I is paramount to their success and are struggling to fill manufacturing roles
  • The future of women in manufacturing roles and WiM’s efforts to bring awareness of manufacturing careers to the K-12 population

Learn more about membership and the DE&I task force through the WiM website including their new Hear Her Story podcast.

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