Joe Andrews & Zac Williamson: Aztec Protocol – Bringing Scalable Privacy to DeFi


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Aztec Protocol enables private transactions on Ethereum. It uses a zero-knowledge proof system, allowing users to effectively create shielded representations of tokens, which can then be sent and redeemed for the underlying token. They recently launched Aztec 2.0 and their rollup service for Ethereum, This allows users to submit Ether to the Aztec rollup contract with the options to shield, send privately, unshield and emergency ushield (escape hatch). The latest version also allows DeFi users to save gas and participate anonymously in DeFi transactions.

We were joined by Zac Williamson, Co-founder and CTO, and Joe Andrews, Head of Product, from Aztec, to give us an in-depth look into the Layer 2 project and explain how version 2 of the protocol in a game-changer in terms of privacy and scalability.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • What has happened in the last year since Aztec were last on the show
  • High-level overview of Aztec
  • How the Aztec rollup works in DeFi applications
  • The challenges privacy introduces for DeFi
  • SNARK, the core technology that powers Aztec
  • Noir (zkSNARK DSL)

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