Nevin Freeman: Reserve – Stable Currency as a Human Right


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The Reserve project is on a mission to provide every person in the world access to stable currency. They are working to rebuild financial services in countries such as Argentina and Venezuela, that have suffered from high inflation and ongoing currency devaluation. The protocol is designed to host a completely decentralized stablecoin that can not be manipulated by governments, with an end goal of a fully self-sustainable platform with decentralized governance and developments.

We were joined by Co-founder & CEO, Nevin Freeman, to chat about Reserve's focus in Latin America, their support of activism, and the road ahead for the project.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Nevin's background and how he got into crypto
  • What is Reserve and what is the problem it's solving
  • How do they get around regulatory pushbacks in Latin America
  • The main components of the Reserve system - RSV and RSR
  • Tackling high gas fees
  • Reserve's go to market strategy and why the focus on Latin America
  • Why Reserve encourage's activism
  • Reserve's goal to eradicate hyperinflation
  • The connection with Peter Tiel (Paypal)
  • The Reserve business model

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