Sunny Aggarwal: Osmosis – The AMM Protocol Built for Liquidity Providers


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Recently launched Osmosis is a Cosmos based and IBC enabled AMM protocol that allows for a high level of customization by liquidity providers. As the main dex on the Cosmos network, Osmosis provides liquidity for IBC-enabled Cosmos assets like AKT and ATOM for the first time.

Head of the Osmosis development team, Sunny Aggarwal, joined us for a chat about why the protocol was built and the problem it solves, the wider Cosmos ecosystem, and the roadmap for the protocol.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Why the Osmosis project was built
  • How Osmosis works on Cosmos
  • What is IBC?
  • What the ecosystem looks like
  • What the AMM landscape looks like on Cosmos
  • What the roadmap of Osmosis looks like
  • The Gravity Bridge
  • How was the chain bootstrapped?
  • What is the ION?
  • The Osmosis community

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