Productive (Lego) Blocks of Time with Jon Hilton


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He's a software developer at a purpose-driven software house who also blogs and creates books and courses, while (or in his case "whilst") he and his wife raise their two young children. So how does Jon Hilton of Shropshire, UK, do it all and how has the Corona lockdown impacted his routines? In order to achieve his mission -- helping his fellow developers be more productive in taking ideas and turning them into working software – Jon has learned to manage time in chunks (heard of the Pomodoro method?), to get realistic about Corona home schooling (including cleaning the cocoa, flour and water asteroid aftermath from all over the kitchen), and to use the current constraints to his advantage. Jon invites us all to ignore the social media feeds modeling artificial perfection, be kinder to ourselves and find the fun in it all. These sound like Jolly Good ideas to me!

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