Pull Up a Chair: Great Sitting Posture to Remain Free of Back Pain with Allison Wilmes


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You're going to want to pull up a chair for this one. Or better yet, get up from your chair, and sit back down properly. And then be sure to get up and move around. And repeat. Again and again throughout your day. Most of us didn’t design our homes to be work spaces. And that means the chairs and other furniture we’re using now, may not have the best support to protect our backs. With everything else we’re trying to adjust to right now, back pain shouldn’t be one on them. As in so many areas in our lives – the best cure - is prevention. How can we prevent sitting posture related back pain? Let's ask Allison Wilmes (WIL-miss), a holistic movement therapist who's been getting people out of back pain for the past 16 years. She works with people, in person and remotely, to achieve their individual goals with small, gentle movements and by harnessing the power of the brain to stay positive and motivated. Let's see how much of Allison's expert advice we can absorb in one brief sitting.

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