Questions to Ask Your Partner to Strengthen Your Marriage and Relationship with Laura Tremaine


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Laura Tremaine grew up in small town Oklahoma and moved to Los Angeles to work in film and production after graduating college. Through working with MTV and Paramount Studios, mommy blogs, and publishing her very own book, Laura has learned so much about how being willing to share and being open can change relationships.

Laura addresses our need to be seen and known, and how we bring our authentic self to a relationship. Sharing is important, even in the smallest, most mundane ways. She shares what you can expect from her book, “Share Your Stuff. I’ll Go First.” and her podcast, 10 Things To Tell You.

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How to begin to share yourself with your friends, family, and the world
  • Balancing the “oversharer” and “undersharer” in the relationship
  • Why sharing is so important in a relationship
  • Important questions to ask throughout your relationship

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