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ETAO Podcast, Episode 97.
The PlayStation 5 is out, as is the Xbox Series X and Series S Series! That’s exciting, at least for those of us who can get our hands on them. Drew’s been PS5ing, and he and Lucio both built new PCs this year, so now seemed like a fairly ideal time to take stock of the state of consoles, and of gaming machines more generally—what they mean to us now, what they meant to us growing up, and what they mean (or don’t) to the next generation (of people, not consoles).
Miles Morales, in Spider-Man garb, with a backpack, out of which is emerging a cat in a mask, also named Spider-Man. They stand in front of a mural of a baboon baring its teeth.
• We only touched briefly on the overall idea of console generations, and of which machines and works belong to each, so here’s an overview and a timeline.

• Here’s that Movies with Mikey about Nintendo’s Gen 3 escapades.
“All The People Say (Season 3)” by Holly Hyperion.
“Teenage Machine Age” by Marguerite Johnson and Clarence Micheal, performed by The Travelers with the Bumps Blackwell Orchestra.

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