Jehovah’s Witnesses Join the Australian Royal Commission Redress Scheme


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Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society required to appear before the Australian Commission to explain their policies and procedures for addressing cases of victims within their institution. At the end of the hearing, the Australian government determined that the best way to address this issue, was to set up a redress scheme. The redress scheme provides the individual with the ability to seek emotional counseling and to collect financial damages for their pain and suffering.

Also, another key component is that the institutions are required to acknowledge their lack of responsibility to protect individuals by mishandling their cases. Despite having more than one thousand cases on record, the Watchtower agreed that they never reported any of these cases to the legal authorities. However, they stated that according to their policy it is the responsibility of the individual to report such incidents to the authorities.

As a result, members in the community were at risk based on the Watchtower not taking a stand or exhibiting a key role to keep others safe.…

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