the abominable, the murderers, and the whoremongers (revelation 21:8)


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This message was preached at New Testament Christian Fellowship in Claremont, NC on July 4, 2021. The focus is the abominable, murderous, and whoremongering classes of wicked people who are in line for the Lake of Fire (Revelation 21:8). In America today, we are compassed about by these on every side. And, the people of God should have no confederacy with them, neither should we fear their fear nor be afraid. Those who let the LORD alone be their fear and their dread will find Him a sanctuary in the midst of a wicked nation, while He is a snare and a stumblingblock to the abominable, murderers, and whoremongers (Isaiah 8:12-17). The only part Christians have with these wicked folks is to warn them, to be like God’s servants the prophets and proclaim: “Oh, do not this abominable thing I hate” (Jeremiah 44:4), in meekness instructing those who oppose themselves if, by chance, God will mercifully grant them repentance unto the acknowledging of the truth (II Timothy 2:25-26).

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