What it’s Really Like to Live in Denmark with Kate Dahl


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In this episode of the Expat Empire Podcast, we will be hearing from Kate Dahl. After growing up in a more conservative religious community in Michigan, Kate was ready to experience a totally different way of life in Europe. She moved to Flensburg, Germany for graduate school and then to Denmark to be with her husband. Following 4.5 years of difficulties adapting to the Danish technology startup scene, Kate has started Career Denmark to help foreigners better showcase their values and skillsets to Danish employers. Kate shares a lot about her upbringing and learnings from years spent in Germany and Denmark in this episode, so enjoy listening to her stories and advice in this insightful episode!

LEARN in this episode:

✔ The value of travel and seeing the world that can bring friends and family together

✔ The reality of what life in Denmark is like, especially in regards to working there

✔ Tips for finding jobs in Denmark and around Europe

FIND Kate at:

► Career Denmark: http://careerdenmark.dk/

► LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/careerdenmark/

► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/careerdenmark/


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