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Come on board the Cleveland express as Exploring the Bizarre hosts TIM BECKLEY and TIM SWARTZ welcome an old friend to discuss some of the most bizarre instances where UFOs have attacked planes, cars and trains as they go about their unknown duties. RICK HILBERG attended his first organized UFO meeting in December of 1958 and instantly became fascinated with the mystery of the "flying saucers" as they were then called. He became active in several small groups in the years after that and eventually decided to edit and publish his own newsletter on the subject in 1962. That little publication, first done on a spirit duplicator, would turn into his "original" "UFO Magazine" which was professionally printed and considered one of the best UFO publications during the 1960s. "UFO Magazine" ran articles by many of the leading ufologists of the time, and covered the full spectrum of the UFO scene for its many readers. He has had his UFO sightings and have spoken to hundreds of witness as part of his investigative duties.

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