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“Exploring the Bizarre” ( hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz welcomes KERRY TRENT HAGGARD to the studio. A long-time enthusiast of classic horror, classic cars, and UFOs, Kerry tells us what happened to the poor little alien who ran into Judge Proctor’s windmill in April, 1897, in Aurura, TX, and ended up on public display before being buried in the local cemetery. A controversial story backed up by news clippings from the period, Kerry became fascinated with the incident because of his own experience as a kid seeing a UFO land in his hometown. Taking that passion, Kerry, along with his friend John Cochran, spent the next several months working to form an outline for a screenplay based on the fictional hunt for the extraterrestrial buried in the Aurora cemetery. From there, the screenplay grew into the "Traveler,” which is a novelized version of this earth crashing encounter. Kerry has also contributed a chapter in the new book "Alien Lives Matter: It's OK to be Grey," published by Tim Beckley’s Inner Light/Global Communications During the course of the show, Beckley points out two jaw numbing synchronizations related to the much later UFO crash outside, Roswell, NM.

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