Off World; Episode 01


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When everything out in space is trying to kill you, it makes a hard life for contractors and hired hands. Meet the crew of the Resiliant Squirrel as they find themselves wrapped up in a world of theft and political intrigue all to work off a debt to the Kingsmen. ... And make a little coin on the side.


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Amy More as Flen Schluter

Carla Maxted as Cargo Winn


Zachary Fortais-Gomm As Quasar Pulsar

Liz Campbell as Margo Winn

James Barabarosa as Raff Lonewolf


Russ More as your Game Master

Editing, Production and Sound Design by Russ More

Music & SFX:

Sound Ideas

Game Played: Offworlders by Chris P. Wolfe

Cover Art by Kessi Rilinki


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