March for Life: War & Assassinations w/ Retired Green Beret, MSG Juan Mata


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March for Life Series: This is a four-part series that looks at the value of life through the various societal lenses of faith and politics.
It's no secret that the United States is considered a global superpower. Part of the reason we have this designation probably has to do with our fascination, some say obsession, with the military–industrial complex. But are there situations where war is inevitable? How about assassinations? America spends roughly $700 billion on defense, yet also spends only a fraction of that on diplomacy.
On this last installment of our March for Life series, we speak with recently Retired Green Beret Master Sergeant, and CEO of Quiet Pro Tactical, Juan Mata. MSG Mata gives us some unique insight into the decision making process involved in declaring war and how to take a life. We then discuss how politics plays a huge role in where our troops go and how voters can help if they want to see us involved in less conflict around the world.
Guest Bio:
Juan Mata is the CEO & PRINCIPAL of Quiet Pro Tactical. He is also the subject matter expert in special operations. Juan Mata, the Principal Instructor, a former 14-year Green Beret Combat Veteran. He has numerous combat deployments including Iraq and Afghanistan. His qualifications include Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat Course, Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, Special Operations Terminal Attack Controller, Technical Surveillance, Counter-surveillance, and U.S. Army Ranger School.
Quiet Pro Tactical LLC. employs U.S. Army Special Forces experience to promote community safety through weapons handling, armed self-defense instruction, and expert training to all law-abiding American citizens. Founded and operated by Special Forces veterans. Instructors have over a combined 60 years of relevant experience in firearms handling, CQB, long-range target interdiction, tactical combat casualty care (TCCC), surveillance and counter-surveillance, communications, and protective operations. Our staff comprised of U.S. Marine Corps & Navy veterans and private security contractors, keeping up to date with the most relevant experiences and training available.

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